Highest Quality Direct Mail Leads Available For Your Business

Our Lists Contain Buyers!

Why waste your time buying lists of people who have no interest in buying your products? Our lists contain buyers, and people who actively requested info!
Keep in mind that the difference between $40 per 1,000 names and $70 per 1,000 is ONLY 3 CENTS PER NAME! 

This is a very minor expense when compared to the cost of printing, envelopes and postage. Don't you think it's worth an extra 3 cents to make sure you're using a top-notch mailing list and are reaching the best possible prospects for your offer! 

Remember - the mailing list you use can make or break you.
About Palozen Leads
Our leads are top quality, never over used, and never old. We only provide you with leads that will work. Stop wasting time and money on junk leads.
What To Expect?
You will receive high quality printed leads on self stick labels. No running out of labels, or printer ink. Simply take our leads, place them on your mailers, and be done with it.
Feel free to contact us any time. You can use our support desk by clicking here and submitting a ticket. We will get back to you within 24 hours.
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